I made this short movie on my own in July 2014, during the International Documentary Film workshop led by Želimir Žilnik (one of the major figures of the Yugoslav Black Wave) in Ptuj, Slovenia.

Picture taken during a workshop on lighting

Martin, a young Slovenian fresh out of high school, talks about youth in Ptuj. But in the end I was more interested in telling our meeting and the shooting, with its good moments and difficulties.

From “Izgubljeni”

Izgubljeni” means “lost”. we were indeed two students looking for our way, facing big choices for our future, and on the set we had to deal with technical problems as well as the language barrier : we communicated in English, the movie was shot in Slovene and French, and subtitles are in English.

From “Izgubljeni”

I created, shot and edited the movie in five days, on my own. The editing lasted 24h straight (with the recording of the voice-over and featuring in another project).

I shot simultaneously antother short movie in tandem, “Vesna got carried away”, talking about a swing dance group and especially one of the members.

From “Vesna got carried away”