Vox pop Youtube channel management,
from audiovisual creation to partnership development.

“T’en penses quoi” means “What do you think about that”.


My job during my internship was to create and manage a vox pop Youtube channel in autonomy.

Make vox pop is a real challenge : in addition to the technical difficulties while shooting (I carried a camcorder on a monopod with an external mic and a headset) I must in a two minutes video compress opinions and try to make them oppose and respond to each other to generate interest.

Donald Trump

I produced a video a day for a month, that is thirty videos ; I also had to take care of the braodcasting on Youtube (with the creation of miniatures), promotion on Twitter and development of partnerships with blogs and websites.

Love letters

Interviewing is very interesting : I had to make people feel comfortable, keep the interview dynamic but without cutting them off nor turning their answers towards a specific statement, while being careful about the sound levels and the frame, some people move a lot indeed !

Blank vote

I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC for de-rushing and editing. I sometimes did some colorimetry but I was asked not to have a perfect image. I however had to edit the sound, as Paris was under work. For high voices a simple high-pass filter was enough to reduce the roaring, but for deep voices I had to use EQ to set a more complex bandpass filter.


To put together the sequences I used first short lively reactions to boost the beginning of the video (for a view to be taken into account on Youtube the viewer must watch at least 30 seconds), then a more developped answer to provide a focus for reflexion that I fueled for 15 to 40 seconds, before using another answer to make a link with another focus and so on. Each reaction must last at most ten seconds, but still respect the opinion given.

I had to take into account every specificity of each social media when I put the videos online : use miniatures, adapt to the view-counting system, use description and keywords, interact with viewers on Twitter and professionals for partnerships...

It was a thorough internship !