When the Match Burns Out (2015)

For our “Language of cinema” course, we had to make the scenario of a movie and make the title sequence and the black book (inspiration and progress book).

Synopsis : After the governenment became aware of the social uneasiness of way too many of its citizens, it came to set up yearly psychological check-ups for the entire population. Any illness should be detected as soon as possible, be treated then be easily prevented. This way, everyone should be able to live the perfect and happy life they’ve always dreamt of. Unfortunately, Aidana’s check-up did not go that well ; in order to be back on track, to be an healthy and sane adult like everyone else, her cure begins. What if a match could enlighten her better than a psychiatrist ?

Black Book, First page

We took inspiration from Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Match Girl”, in which people laugh at the little girl’s desperate attemps to warm herself up wih her matches - and escape from reality.
Yet was a cold, harsh and hopeless life in the real world really more enviable for her than those little happy moment in illusion ?

Black Book, “The Little Match Girl”

We chose as a “deviancy” childhood-related things in adulthood because it’s universal, and allows to develop other themes : our protagonist is a woman and will therefore bear lack of understanding from people (although benevolent) around her, about her lack of desire to meet someone and start a family, wear make-up or jewellery...

Black Book, “Children-related things”

The title comes from the sentence the little girl says to her beloved grandmother who appears when her last matches burn : “You will go away when the match burns out”.

Black Book, “Title”

Pages of the Black Book :

        Graphic research :

Black Book, “Black & White & Color”

Black Book, “Calligraphie”

Black Book, “Matter, Stuff”

        Realization of the project :

Black Book, end of the story-board